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The Blue Between Sky and Water

Susan Abulhawa

It is 1947 and Beit Daras, a rural Palestinian village, is home to the Baraka family. Eldest daughter Nazmiyeh looks after her widowed mother, while her brother Mamdouh tends to the village bees. Their younger sister, Mariam, with her striking mismatched eyes, spends her days talking to imaginary friends and writing. But when Israeli forces descend on the village, the family must flee, taking the long road to Gaza, on a walk that will test them to their limits.

Sixty years later, Mamdouh's granddaughter Nur is living in America. She falls in love with a married man and follows him to Gaza. There she meets Alwan, the mother of Khaled - a boy trapped in his own body, unable to wake from a deep blue dream. It is through her that Nur will al last discover the ties of kinship that transcend distance - and even death.

The Blue Between Sky and Water is a story of strong women and lost men - of relocation and seperation - but also of renewal, endurance and hope. Susan Abulhawa brings a raw humanity and delicate authority to the story of Palestine in this devastatingly beautiful tale.

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