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Tales from the Queen of the Desert

Gertrude Bell

A keen traveller and explorer, Gertrude Bell led an extraordinary life that took her all over the Middle East. Having grown up in England, her lifelong fascination with the region began when she visited her uncle in Persia in 1982.

Fiercely independent and well ahead of her time, Bell would go on to travel alone throughout the Middle East, getting recruited to work for British Intelligence during the First World War and later becoming an advisor to the King of Iraq. She campaigned tirelessly for women's right to an education, set up the Museum of Iraq and received a CBE for her diplomatic work.

Bell also penned two acclaimed books of travel writing, from which the current volume comes. Persian Pictures and Syria: The Desert and the Sown reveal her deeprooted fascination with the people, culture and history of the Middle East, and her personal insights into their way of life.


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