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A Passion for Killing

Barbara Nadel




A serial killer is stalking the streets of Istanbul, seemingly targeting gay men.  A man is found dead in a hotel room, a single stab wound in his heart  Could he be a victim of the "Peeper"?


Inspector Mehmet Suleyman is assigned to the case, and is shocked to discover that the victim's body has been delivered to forensics entirely clean.  Has someone tampered with vital evidence?


Meanwhile a young carpet dealer, on the brink of a huge sale, is discovered in the mangled remains of his jeep, a bullet between his shoulder blades.  The deal would have made him - the carpet he wanted to sell used to belong to Lawrence of Arabia.  Did the young salesman know too much?


Inspector Cetin Inkmen and Suleyman uncover an incredible story and quickly realise that behind even the most seemingly innocent and respectable facade lurk passion and jealousy, saveagery and madness..





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