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Winning Turkey

Philip H. Gordon




Turkey has been a close Western partner for so long it is hard to imagine it ever being “lost”. Recent political and strategic developments, however, have endangered its Western and democratic orientation. Rising anti-Americanism, deflated hopes for European Union accession, civil-military tensions, a secular-religious divide, and ongoing terrorist threats have combined to destabilize Turkey’s political system and threaten its partnership with the West.

In Winning Turkey, Philip H. Gordon and Omer Taspinar explain Turkey’s current crisis and the development of its relations with  the United States and Europe. They present a realistic plan for improving those relations, keeping Turkey in the Western orbit and preventing it from slipping into either authoritarian or fundamental rule.


A positive, constructive relationship with Turkey has never been more important. Bordering Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Caucasus, Turkey also occupies the corridor between Western markets and Caspian Sea energy reserves.A stable, Western-oriented Turkey en route toward EU membership would provide a growing market for exports, a source of needed labor, a positive influence on the Middle East, and a critically ally in the war on terror. A resentful, unstable, and inward-looking Turkey, on the other land, would be a disaster for both Turkey and the West.


Winning Turkey presents a plan to restore the partnership between Turkey and the West. The authors advocate a “Grand bargain” between Turkey and the Kurds, stronger support for liberalism and democracy, a renewed commitment to promote EU membership for Turkey, a historic compromise with Armenia, and new efforts to achieve political settlement in Cyprus – all in an effort to anchor Turkey in the West.


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