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A Traveller on Horseback

Christina Dodwell




In the late 1980s, British explorer Christina Dodwell moves from a Greek Easter into a chilly Eastern Turkish spring, not improved for the cold and hungry traveller by the fairly strict observance of Ramadan. Retreating east, she visits the buried cities and rock-hewn churches of Cappadocia on the first of a number of hired, borrowed or bought horses, the ideal liberating companions for her unconventional style of travel. 

Dowdell, courageous for even attempting the trip as a woman alone, finds herself arrested by zealous Revolutionary Guards in Iran, caught in Turkish rebel gunfire, pelted by nomadic shepherds, and more. The rewards of such peril, however, are immense, as she meets hospitable villagers, visits ancient cities, ruins, and mosques, and rides her horse through eastern Turkey.


The Sunday Telegraph has described the author as "a natural nomad" and wrote of "her courage and insatiable wanderlust." Christina has the gift to communicate the zest for adventure, and even the occasional night in an Iranian police cell cannot dim her sheer delight in travelling to remote and challenging places.


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