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At Home in Turkey

Solvi Dos Santos




A spectacular transformation is taking place in Turkey - its rich and varied traditions of design and decoration are being invigorated and modernized in a way that celebrates and builds upon traditions rather than destroying them. Travelling in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to the four corners of Turkey, from Istanbul and the Black Sea to the Aegean and Cappadocia, the celebrated photographer Solvi dos Santos has captured the soul of the Turkish home.


From seaside retreats to contemporary city apartments and from wooden chalets on the Black Sea to stone dwellings on the Aegean, the range of the homes shown is as varied as the occupations and interests of the homeowners themselves, from fashion designers and artists, vintners and award-winning authors. All the homes featured have an authentic Turkish style, whether in the choice of their colours, their fabrics their furnishings or their architecture.


Berrin Torolsan, making full use of her unrivalled knowledge of the strengths and subtleties of this wonderful country, allows us to glimpse into the interiors of these homes, and into the different worlds of their inhabitants. She uncovers the stories of each house, with its well-kept secrets, and gives a sense of the geography and history of the location. The result is one of the freshest and most inspirational style books of recent years.


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