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New partnership for Scholastic Book Club!

ImageScholastic International School Book Club is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Greenhouse in Turkey.


Working with Greenhouse will help to ease delays and inconveniences that schools had previously had with the Scholastic International School Book Club and make running ISBC a much smoother process for you.


Working with Greenhouse for the ISBC helps you to run a successful club in school and get children reading.


We look forward to enabling you encourage your children to read great English books, while building your classroom and library resources.

With our new partnership: · Greenhouse will provide you with a Turkish Lira price list for parents. · Parents can pay Greenhouse by credit card, if you wish, so you do not have to collect cash from students. · Students? order forms can be sent directly to Greenhouse ? no need for you to count up each book. · Greenhouse will deal with customs and importing. · Greenhouse will package the books up for each child; you just have to hand out the carrier bags. · If the books are already in Greenhouse?s stock, maximum turn around time is 10 days. If books are sold out in Turkey it may take a few more weeks for re-ordering. HOW WORKING WITH GREENHOUSE CAN HELP YOU: 1. No need to deal with customs: Greenhouse handle all of the importing and customs issues, including covering "ordino", "ardiye" and customs duty. Not only does this relieve you from the nightmare of customs handling, it also takes the guesswork out of estimating the amount to charge parents for customs. 2. Fixed cost for customs and taxes: We charge a fixed 10% to cover both customs handling costs, import duties and 8% VAT, no matter the size of your order. (For schools outside of Istanbul, if the school does not want to pay cargo costs for sending books from Istanbul, we can increase the fixed charge to parents to cover this. We can discuss your preferences here when you decide to reserve dates for the book club.) This is much cheaper than if the school dealt with importing itself, plus removes the risk of making a loss if customs costs work out higher than you had expected. 3. No hard work to consolidate all the children's orders and calculate how many of each book you need: Greenhouse will do all this for you! All you have to do is collect the orders from the children, and make a master list showing each child's name and the total amount of money you collected from them. If a parent has made a mistake in adding up, Greenhouse will contact you later to let you know and ask what you want them to do. 4. If you like, no need to deal with money: Greenhouse is able to take credit card payments from parents. Some schools prefer this method. Parents can either fill in their credit card details on the order form, or enter their telephone number for Greenhouse to call them for credit card information later. 5. No long wait for the majority of your books: Greenhouse is pre-ordering a limited number of each title and will be warehousing them in Istanbul. If books are in stock, you will receive them quickly. If very popular titles run out, Greenhouse will notify you of missing books when they send the bulk of your order. The missing titles will be ordered from the UK and supplied to you as soon as possible. When you reserve dates for the Book Club, Greenhouse will agree with you the date you will send the master list and orders to us, and the date we will send orders that are in stock back to you. 6. No need to make up packs for each child: Greenhouse will pack each child's books in a named carrier bag, and put these bags together in boxes according to class or grade. You just then need to open the boxes and give the bags out! 7. Receipts for parents: Greenhouse will provide a receipt for each parent, attached to the child's bag. If your school would prefer to receive an invoice to the school, Greenhouse can arrange that, as long as you inform us when we receive your orders. 8. You still get 20% of orders as free books! Working with Greenhouse in no way affects your right to receive 20% in credit.


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