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About Turkey

Culture, geography, politics: all these elements define a land and its people.

ImageIf you want to leave superficial clichés behind, and truly understand Turkey, our detailed selection of books About Turkey will give you all the information you need. Books written by Turkish sociologists and political scientists, foreign experts, and long-term resident expatriates will enrich your experience of this wonderful country.

Central Asia

Our extensive range of books about the Turkic States of Central Asia, together with the Caucasus, NW China and Northern Pakistan, can be found in the Books for Adults section of our website.


From the Hittites to the Republican Era the land of Anatolia has a rich history.

ImageAsia Minor was known as the Cradle of Civilisation. The Lydians and Urartians
established their kingdoms here. When the Roman Empire split in two Byzantium became the eastern capital. The Turkic tribes swept in from the east and the Ottoman Empire was to reign for many centuries before Atatürk was to declare
Turkey as a Republic.


Islam is the majority religion of Turkey, while the state is secular.

ImageEvery visitor is struck by the call to prayer, and many comment on how Turkey is different from their expectations of a muslim country. We offer a range of books, from detailed academic research to illustrated guides for children, that explain the beliefs of Islam - and the way it is practiced in Turkey

Learn Turkish

Resources to get you started, and to reach an advanced level!


ImageWhether you are a short-term visitor to Turkey wanting ready-to-use phrases, or at an intermediate stage in Learning Turkish or an experienced long-term resident wanting to improve your grammar and word-power, you are sure to find the phrase books, dictionaries, grammar textbooks and CDs to help you here.

Middle East

Our extensive range of books about the Middle East can be found in the Books for Adults section of this website.