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Creative and Active

Hobbies, sports, art and craft books: Be creative, get active!


ImageCook and bake delicious food, create games on your computer, practice football skills, perfect ballet positions or sketch aminals and people. These books are all you need to show you how. Creative and Active is a fabulous range of illustrated books to help children of all ages enjoy their free time.


Non-fiction and reference for elementary school students.


ImageAs children progress in their reading skills they can discover facts and information about the world around them. The Discoverers range includes titles that appeal to first learners right through to confident readers. Simple picture-fact books as well as more detailed reference and introductions to Maths and Science will help broaden children's knowledge and strengthen their reading ability.

First Learners

Interactive First Learners titles encourage children to recognise alphabet letters and first words, numbers, shapes and colours.


ImageEach book invites a child to actively engage with the contents of the book for themselves through pointing, counting, writing, turning pages or placing matching stickers. Children can really get involved in learning these basic concepts of primary education in a fun and stimulating way.



Junior Bookworms

Authentic readers: chapter books for confident readers in English.


ImageAdventure, drama, humour is all here in this fantastic selection of novels from some of the most acclaimed children's authors in the English language. Dick King-Smith, Michael Morpugo, Jean Ure are just a few of the big names in children's fiction. Their stories and charachters are perfect for readers who now really enjoy books and want more. You can be confident that these titles, many of which are series books, will satisfy your Junior Bookworms!



Love Reading

From colour picture story books to first chapter books Love Reading titles include a broad range of reading levels.


ImageAs children grow in confidence in reading English so also their interest in books changes. This is why the Love Reading range of titles includes picture story books, where the colour illustrations are still a main focus, alongside easy to read first chapter books for children whose vocabulary is widening and concentration levels are extending. 





New Starters

A perfect range of books written and illustrated to appeal to children who are just opening books for the very first time.


ImageBright colours, fun and friendly characters and simple, short sentences are key features of all the New Starters books. Using subjects that are familiar to children at home and school, they are ideal to read aloud together. Here, you will find all you need to introduce younger children to the wonderful world of reading for the first time.