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Okuma Kulubü

Greenhouse: Türkiye'deki çocuklar, öğretmenler ve ebeveynler için müthiş İngilizce kitaplar getiriyor!

How Do I Run a Reading Club?

Since 2006, many schools have been successfully running a Greenhouse Reading ClubWe aim to make the process as easy as 1,2,3...


Image All you have to do is: 


1. Give out the magazine 


2. Collect the children's orders 


3. Give out the packages of books to the students




Why Run a Greenhouse Reading Club?

ImageOur Greenhouse Reading Club Magazine is popular! It is a colourful, 16 page magazine featuring 150 popular titles which include a variety of new books ranging from pre-school to high-school. 


Unlike foreign magazines, where the school's administration has to deal with importing books from abroad, the Greenhouse Reading Club is Turkey-based. 


Why do the magazine?