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How does a Book Fair work?

Our professional team of Book Fair experts will arrive at your campus at the agreed time and quickly and efficiently set up the fair.



ImageAs well as being open at break times, to make sure that children purchase books appropriate to their reading level in English we appreciate the help of the English Department teachers in bringing classes to the Greenhouse Book Fair throughout the school day (most schools make a timetable for class visits).



Our prices are competitive: UK book cover price or less. Our books are priced in US$; children can pay in US$ or Turkish Lira, and we also accept credit card payments by parents and teachers.

I Want to Have a Book Fair!

Wonderful! Our Book Fairs are very popular and our calendar fills up very fast. 


So don't delay - reserve your date today!


Send us your details using the form here, email us on  or call Charlotte on 0216 550 4961 or 0530 284 6076.


What are the benefits to my school?

A Greenhouse Book Fair ...












... demonstrates to children and their parents the importance your school places on learning and reading English,


... exposes the children to hundreds of exciting English books from authentic readers, through sticker and activity books to richly illustrated non-fiction,


... supports the excellent work your teachers are doing in the classroom by encouraging reading at home,


What is a Greenhouse Book Fair?

ImageLet us bring all of the excitement of browsing new books in our store to your school campus! 


Children love looking at the attractive and brightly-coloured books we display. They are excited to choose a book that is just right for them, and as all our books are authentic readers, they will enjoy reading the book at home. 


Encourage reading in your school, while creating a budget for books: the school receives 10% commission from the sales in books which they choose from our exisiting stock in the bookstore, or the books we bring to the fair.



What will I have to do?

We aim to make the whole experience of a Greenhouse Book Fair pleasant for everyone! 


Our team of Book Fair experts want to make your life as easy as possible - we know you have enough stresses in a busy day. There are just 5 simple steps:



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