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New partnership for Scholastic Book Club!

ImageScholastic International School Book Club is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Greenhouse in Turkey.


Working with Greenhouse will help to ease delays and inconveniences that schools had previously had with the Scholastic International School Book Club and make running ISBC a much smoother process for you.


Working with Greenhouse for the ISBC helps you to run a successful club in school and get children reading.


We look forward to enabling you encourage your children to read great English books, while building your classroom and library resources.


Working Together for your School

We have been working with schools throughout Turkey since 1999. The fact that we are welcomed into over 35 International and Turkish schools in Istanbul alone at least twice every year has equipped us with a wealth of experience.



    By listening carefully to what class teachers, Head of English departments and librarians tell us we have been able to develop our services to meet their needs.  


   We aim to provide a friendly and efficient service. There will always be a trained member of staff to answer your enquiries on the telephone and our general manager and founder Charlotte McPherson personally ensures that we build a good working relationship with your school management and administration.

   We try to be flexible and accommodate the differing demands that busy and thriving schools have.




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